Cultivating Compassionate Wisdom in Community

Please join us in the worldwide movement to cultivate compassion

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You can join us daily, in your own quiet space, for 10 minutes of breath-focused practice to enhance both your attention, concentration, and stress-management.

This website and its contents are not a derivative of any materials provided by the official Stanford CCARE CCT curriculum.

Our Community

Created from the first cohort of participants in the CCT Stanford course, Fall 2013.  Colleagues from Utah's educational community, serving children from pre-school to graduate students, identified ways in which the community can BOTH sustain the practice we started together, but also expand the opportunities for others.

 Our Intention

Each of us has made a commitment to begin our practice, whether formal guided practice or informal daily practice, by setting an intention for the purpose of focusing our attention and settling our mind in the present. 

Our Dedication

Each of us has made a commitment to conclude our practice, whether formal guided practice or informal daily practice, by dedicating our effort for the benefit of our loved ones, our colleagues, our students, and all sentient beings.  

Directions for breath-focused meditation (Creative Commons licensing).

We recommend focusing-the-mind practice by attending to your own breath. This daily practice, even just 10 minutes daily, supports bringing peace to the usually busy mind, increases one's capacity for self-soothing, health and well-bring to benefit yourself and others. 

This is one effective way to manage stress along with other approaches for ourselves, our children and young people.